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meet kristen

Hello Friends!

My name is Kristen. I'm currently in my sixth year of teaching, all of which have been spent teaching First Grade in Gatesville, Texas. I became a TPT author/seller during my first year teaching and I became a teacher blogger a few years after that.

My team of first grade teachers is honestly more like family. We have been through some very tough and stressful times together and I don't know what I would do without them! In 2016, our grade level got moved to a new building, which is completely beautiful by the way! The only problem was, the first grade wing was not ready for….THE…FIRST…SIX…WEEKS…OF…SCHOOL! It was every teacher's nightmare come true! Most teachers were put two to a classroom (yes, 44 kids in one tiny room) and I was lucky enough to have my own corner of the LIBRARY! Which by the way had floor to ceiling windows in my little corner, talk about distractions! But we are all moved in to our beautiful classrooms now and we are stronger for it!

Last year, June 29, 2016 to be exact, I gained the title I am most proud of… Mom. Our sweet little boy has completely turned my life upside down in the very best way. His arrival has brought me to a whole new level of teaching. I never understood what it was like to love a kid until you have your own, and now my love for my students is just that much stronger.

I really hope that my experiences and blog posts can provide you with helpful tips and tricks to be a better teacher for your students. A really unique thing about teachers is that we understand learning is a life long process. We are constantly trying to learn new things and make ourselves better for our students. So grab some coffee, read some posts and let's learn more together!