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100th Day Smarter…. Stations & More

The 100th day of school  marks a milestone in the academic year, symbolizing students' achievements, growth, and the collective effort of learning for 100 days.

It provides an opportunity for fun, engaging activities centered around the number 100, reinforcing early math skills and fostering a sense of accomplishment.

Additionally, it's a moment to reflect on progress, celebrate achievements, and build a strong classroom community.

The day often includes creative projects, counting exercises, and collaborative tasks that make learning memorable, reinforcing the importance of perseverance and dedication throughout the school year.

Note: If you are using digital timers, it will help to teach students ahead of time that 100 seconds is equivalent to 1 minute 40 seconds.

100 days smarter stations

100th Day of School Stations

For years I scrambled and combined resources to make my 100th day stations work…. until now.

I finally buckled down and made a TPT product that includes all of my favorite 100th day station activities and I'm sharing it with you!


What educators are saying

LOVED these activities for my 100th day of school in kindergarten! My kiddos enjoyed them and were engaged in such fun activities. I will absolutely be using this resource in the future!

100 Cups – STEM Stacking Challenge


To master cup stacking, students start with a set of cups.

Have them begin by practicing the basic three-cup stack and unstack motion.

Students will then begin gradually increase speed while maintaining accuracy. As skills improve, progress to more advanced patterns and challenge yourself with speed stacking competitions.

The goal is to stack all 100 cups before their station time is up!

Playdough and Straws – STEM Challenge

This 100th Day station challenge is very open ended and you can adjust it to make it work for you and your first grade classroom! 

Students use playdough and straws to build a structure in 100 seconds. 

You can challenge your first graders to build something as tall as possible, as strong as possible or to just make their own creation! 

As a bonus, you can have students take a picture of their creations on an iPad for everyone to see after your 100th Day Stations are over! 

100's Chart in 100 Seconds

This 100th day station is pretty self-explanatory but a super great foundational math skill to incorporate into your 100th day activities! 

Students must start with a blank 100's chart board and try to match the numbers in under 100 seconds (or until the station timer goes off).

What I really love about this activity is that even if you do not have a 100's chart puzzle, you can make one very easily by printing out two 100's charts and cutting apart one of them!

Popsicle Stick Maze Challenge

In this 100th day of school challenge, students must build a maze using 100 popsicle sticks. 

To complete the maze, you can give your students a marble, small ball or my students really love to use toy cars to drive through the maze! 

Use colored popsicle sticks for added fun!

100th Day of School – Gumball Machine

In this 100th day of school challenge, first grade students must color in 100 gumballs on a gumball machine using bingo dot markers! 

To help reinforce our foundational math concepts, I encourage students to mark ten gumballs for each bingo dot color. When they are done, I have my students count their colors by ten to 100. 

If you do not have bingo markers, this station activity can be easily completed with markers, crayons or even stickers! 

100 Wooden Blocks STEM Stacking Challenge 

Can your students stack 100 blocks? They will find out in this 100th day of school STEM challenge! 

Want something different? Challenge your students to build something using 100 blocks instead! 

The possibilities with the station are limitless and your students may really surprise you with what they come up with!

100 Hashtag Blocks STEM Building Challenge

Hashtag blocks are a little gem that I have found several times in the Target Dollar Bins. 

They are just a different version of your typical building block/puzzle. 

With this challenge, you can have students build the number 100 out of hashtag blocks. Students could also build something out of 100 blocks similar to the stations we discussed earlier!

Write to 100 Timed Challenge

Challenge your students number writing skills with this 100 second challenge. 

Set a timer and see how far students can get writing to 100 before the timer goes off!

Here's a few tips: 

  • tell students they MUST write the numbers in order, they can't write in patterns to make it faster (ex: filling in all of the numbers in the ten's column first)
  • have students switch colors every ten numbers and then have them skip count the colors by ten when they are finished

100th Day Monster Making Challenge

This 100th day station is just purely fun and has nothing to do with the number 100 other than we call them our “100th Day of School Monsters”. 

Students use whatever materials you have on hand to “build a monster”. 

I gave my students playdough, pipe cleaners and wiggle eyes. However, my monsters seemed to change a bit each year depending on what supplies I had on hand!

100 Second Timed Pom Pom Pick Up Challenge

Students must work those fine motor skills in this challenge by using a set of plastic tweezers (found at the Dollar Tree) to transfer small pom poms from one bowl to another. 

Students are racing the clock to try and transfer ALL of the pom poms in less than 100 seconds!

100 Beads Timed Challenge

This challenge requires your first grade student to string 100 beads onto a pipe cleaner in less than 100 seconds. 

I like to use pipe cleaners because they are WAY faster to add beads to than regular string. 

Encourage students to put ten beads of one color at a time, then they can easily count by ten to see how many beads they have added!

If you want to be a really fun and generous teacher, you help the students turn their bead creations into necklaces or bracelets by simply twisting the ends of the pipe cleaners together!

Build with 100 Unifix Cubes

In this 100th Day of School STEM building challenge, students must build using 100 unifix cubes. 

Students can make ten stacks of ten or build their own creation! 

How to Prep for 100th Day Stations

I like to do as much prep as possible to get my 100th day of school stations ready the week before the ACTUAL 100th day of school. This really helps take a lot of the stress away. 

I use the large plastic bins that you can find at Dollar Tree to keep my stations organized and uniform. 

I also created a set of labels that allows me to easily switch things around as needed year after year! 

I include numbers on my stations because this is KEY to making the students independent when it is time to switch between stations because they simply follow the station numbers.

100th Day Station Activities

Everything showcased in this blog post can be found in my 100 Days Smarter, Stations and More product on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

This product not only includes station signs, station numbers and recording sheets.

But it also includes other easy printable activities for the 100th day of school including great writing activities such as “If I had $100” or “If I were 100 years old”!

Here's what other teachers are saying:

LOVED these activities for my 100th day of school in kindergarten! My kiddos enjoyed them and were engaged in such fun activities. I will absolutely be using this resource in the future!

-Avery G.


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100 days smarter stations

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