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20 Spring Books and Read Alouds for First Grade

Finding new read alouds and books to share with my first graders is one of my favorite things to do!

Have you ever noticed how incredible it is to find another person who has read the same book as you.

I'll be scrolling through instagram and see that another teacher read they same book for me and i'm like… are we friends? It feels like we should be friends.

I mean, the connection is instant and I don't know anything about that person. (Other than they have great taste in books, obviously!) The same can be said for students. When they see a book, they often exclaim (quite loudly) “Hey! I've read that book before!”.

It really is a joyous thing to experience. With that being said, I couldn't wait to share my favorite Spring Holiday Read Alouds with you!

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20 Spring Read Alouds and Books for First Grade

Classic Winter Read Alouds and Books

  1. The Rain Came Down by David Shannon. Shop here
  2. Henry and Mudge by Cynthia Rylant. Shop here
  3. Mr. Putter and Tabby by Cynthia Rylant. Shop here.
  4. Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert. Shop here.
  5. Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens. Shop here.
  6. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. Shop here.
  7. And Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano. Shop here.
  8. From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons. Shop here. 

Newer Winter Books and Read Alouds

  1. Spring is Here by Kevin Henkes. Shop here. 
  2. Worm Weather by Jean Taft. Shop here.
  3. The Great Garden Escape by Erica L. Clymer. Shop here.
  4. Spring is Here: A Bear and Mole Story by Will Hillenbrand. Shop here.
  5.  The Donkey Egg by Janet Stevens (sequel to Tops and Bottoms). Shop here. 
  6. Seeds and Trees (a book about the power of words) by Brandon Walden. Shop here.
  7. The Hike by Allison Farrell. Shop here.
  8. Scribble Stones by Diane Alber. Shop here.
  9. Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman. Shop here. 
  10. Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson. Shop here. 
  11. Spring Stinks by Ryan T. Higgins. Shop here.
  12. Singing in the Rain by Tim Hopgood. Shop here.

Spring Book Studies for First Grade

If you are looking for something with more instructional components rather than a simple read aloud, let me introduce you to book studies. 

Book studies are beneficial for first grade students for several reasons: 

  • They allow you to do a deep dive into a book and use one book throughout the week and cover several different reading comprehension strategies such as retell, problem and solution or even comparing and describing characters. 
  • You could also use several different books to teach a comprehension strategy to mastery. For instance, if you wanted to focus on Story Retell, you could read a different Spring themed book a day and complete the same retell activity with each book so that students get plenty of practice with that skill. 

You can find some of my favorite book studies for Spring HERE:

Easy Ways to Boosst Reading Fluency

The first stage of reading is learning how to decode and sound out the words. The second stage of reading is learning how to do that quickly and in a natural sounding way!

There are countless reading activities that can help students become efficient readers.

But the success of reading activities depends on something that most teachers don't talk about… having fun! If students are having fun, they are naturally going to read better and faster!

[Click here to read 10 FUN activities to increase reading fluency]


4 Easy Tips for Improving Reading Fluency

-Model fluent reading : First grade students need to hear what they SHOULD sound like when they are reading and as teachers, we need to model it for them. Put simply, students need to know the expectation for oral reading. 

Book Repetition : Reading the same book multiple times might seem silly, but it is really beneficial for first grade students because it helps them transition between the decoding and fluency stages of reading. During the first read, students are working hard at decoding. But by the second or third reading, students are familiar with the words and can focus more on how fast they are reading or what they sound like.

-Sight Word Phrases : Practicing short phrases or word ladders can be done super quickly and it’s great to send home for parents; this is also a great strategy for learning sight words because it helps students learn them in the same context they will most likely see them in a book

-Go Down Two Reading Levels : You can have students go down two reading levels below their current instructional level a few times a week. This strategy will help students build their words per minute because they are not having to work so hard at decoding; it will also help build student confidence which is KEY for improving reading fluency in first grade. 

More First Grade Read Aloud Tips

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Kristen Sullins

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