5 End of Year Digital Celebrations

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The end of what has been the most bizarre school year ever is finally upon us. It's crazy to think how warn out and ready for summer I typically am at the this time of year, but this year I'm just longing to see my students and celebrate with them one last time. 

Which left me thinking? What are some great ways to celebrate the end of the year digitally with my students? 

Most of us are using some form of digital platform to communicate and connect with our students whether it be Zoom or Google Classroom. So, I've done a little research and put together a list of ways we can still celebrate together even though we have to be apart. 

Drumroll please…. 

#1 Scavenger Hunt or Escape Room 

These are super popular as “Fun Friday” activities which I think would double as a great end of year activity. Theres nothing like a race to beat your fellow classmates to bring us all together, right? 

But, nevertheless, these are a great way to gets students engaged and gives them a break from the typical “school day”. 

You can design your own, or I've seen some great ones on www.teacherspayteachers.com. 

#2 Digital Field Trip

We all missed out on our typical end of year field trip, but so many different companies and museums have stepped it up and helped us out with some amazing options for digital field trips!! 

My class and I had a “Stay Day” and took a virtual field trip of an M&M factory and incorporated a How to Make M&M's writing project! 

Here were some of the best field trip lists that I found! 

Leach's Literacy Training:  30 Virtual Field Trips

We are Teachers: 25 Amazing Virtual Field Trips

Freedom Home Schooling: Virtual Field Trips

Mrs. Jump's Class: 18 Virtual Field Trip Ideas for Early Learners 

#3 Science Experiments

Everyone loves a good science experiment, and We Are Teachers did not disappoint. They put together a list of 25 at home science experiments for first graders! 

A few of my favorites include: 

  • balloon powered rocket
  • animal camouflage 
  • explore melting rates
  • reflections and mirrors
  • surface tension with milk designs
  • paper cup phone

If you are looking for an experiment that you can do via Zoom, color changing experiments are always a favorite! 

Check out the “Walking Water” and Skittles experiments below!


#4 Virtual Dance Party

Dance parties are one of my favorite ways to end the year! Any music will work, but to throw in some extra fun, utilize Go Noodle. 

My students LOVE Go Noodle during the year for brain breaks and I'm certain they would love a virtual Go Noodle party as well! 

There are also great Kids Just Dance videos on YouTube! 


#5 Virtual Awards Ceremony

An awards ceremony is an excellent opportunity to celebrate ALL students and the many accomplishments they achieved this year. Not just perfect attendance or highest scores, but students who never gave up or were always kind. 

It would be super easy to hold a virtual awards ceremony in the same way you would have held a regular one. You could make digital certificates or print them and hold them up. 

I've seen super cute invitations floating around Facebook and Pinterest that highlight this as a red carpet event and even ask students to dress in their best clothes! 


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Kristen Sullins

Kristen Sullins

I am a current first grade teacher, mother of two, follower of Christ and Texas native. In my own classroom, I love to focus on and plan new ideas for my guided reading and guided math stations, warm ups and interventions and all things organization.


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