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A Mother’s Day Freebie

Hey friends!! I'm here to bring a you a brand new freebie, just in time for Mother's Day. I've always done a variation of this craft for my kiddos moms, but this is absolutely my favorite. It's super easy, not very messy and they turned out ADORABLE!! Because let's be honest, what mom doesn't love flowers for Mother's Day (hint, hint to my husband).

The Craft

Like I said, it's super easy! The directions are shown below, but they are also included in the file!

Not Just for Moms

Every year, you have a few students that don't fit the typical “Mother's Day” scenario. So, keeping that in mind, you will find several different options in this packet.
I have included:
-I love my mom because…
-I love my dad because….
-I love my grandma because…
-I love my grandpa because…

A Few Tear-Jerking Examples

Okay, seriously guys, I have some of the sweetest first graders EVER!

Now to the Good Part

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Mother's Day Craft Freebie

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Free Mother's Day Craft

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Kristen Sullins

Kristen Sullins

I am a current Elementary Librarian and
Enrichment Teacher, mother of two, follower of Christ and Texas native. In my own classroom, I love to save time by finding unique ways to integrate writing, social studies and science into all parts of my day. I also love all things organization!