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All About Texas and a {FREEBIE}

One of the funnest parts about teaching Social Studies is getting to teach about our the great state of Texas! I try to really focus on Texas during the week of Texas Independence Day (March 3rd), but it can really be done all throughout the year! I've listened some of my key teaching points below. I like having these nearby during our “Texas Week” to help make sure I'm teaching my firsties everything they need to know about Texas!

What We Learn About Our State

Facts About The Lone Star Flag:
              Adopted by the Republic of Texas in 1839
              The colors symbolize courage (red), purity (white), and loyalty (blue)
              The 16th Legislature revised civil statues in 1879 but failed to include an official state flag leaving the Lone Star Flag the de facto flag until 1933 when the when the 43rd Legislature reinstated the Lone Star Flag as the official state flag
(Source: TEKS Resource System)

Texas State Symbols:
              State Seal: can only be used by the Governor of Texas
              State Flag: called The Lone Star Flag
              The Alamo: Spanish mission leading to Texas' Independence
              State Flower: bluebonnet
              State Tree: pecan tree
              State Bird: mockingbird
              State Large Animal: longhorn
              State Small Animal: armadillo
              State Fabric: cotton
(Source: TEKS Resource System)

Responsibilities of State Public Officials:
              provide leadership to keep the state functioning properly
              facilitate teamwork among other officials and citizens
              maintain fiscal responsibility (budget, etc.)
              address the concerns of the community
              maintain order
              provide security
              manage conflict
(Source: TEKS Resource System)

Facts about Sam Houston:
              Military leader who played a crucial role in the Battle of San Jacinto by defeating Mexico and thus acquire independence for Texas
              Served as first president of the Republic of Texas
              Served as U.S. Senator from Texas after Texas joined the United States
              Served as Governor of Texas and influenced legislation at the state and national level
(Source: TEKS Resource System)

Students should be able to:
              1.4A  Locate places using the four cardinal directions.
              1.4B Describe the location of self and objects relative to other locations in the classroom and school.
              1.5B Locate Texas and community on a map.

Students should be able to identify anthems and mottoes of Texas.
              Definition of a motto:  short expression of guiding principle
              Official Motto of Texas: Friendship
              Unofficial Mottos of Texas: Don't Mess with Texas and Remember the Alamo
              Official Anthem of Texas: Texas, Our Texas
              Unofficial Anthems of Texas: Yellow Rose of Texas and Deep in the Heart of Texas
(Source: TEKS Resource System)

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All About Texas for Kids

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Kristen Sullins

Kristen Sullins

I am a current Elementary Librarian and
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