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FREE Meet the Teacher Magnet Template

Meet the Teacher is an amazing opportunity to start a good relationship with your students' families. 

With that being said, teachers typically put a lot of pressure on themselves to make a good impression. 

The most important thing you can establish with your parents' is an open line of communication and a teacher contact magnet is an easy way to do that. 

A teacher contact magnet at Meet the Teacher will make sure your contact information is easy to find for parents and it shows them that you care about building a relationship with them!

What is a Parent Contact Card?

A parent contact card is a simpler version of a business card for teachers. It doesn't (and really shouldn't) include a lot of information. 

Basic information you should include: 

  • your name
  • position/title or even your school name
  • contact phone number
  • email address

And if you want to be especially accommodating to your parents, you can include your conference time or lunch time if they are able to come eat with their student! 

Why do I need a Contact Card for Meet the Teacher?

You may be thinking… shouldn't the parents remember my name…

After all, I AM their child's teacher for an entire school year… that's pretty important. 

And you are 100% correct.. but, most parents have more than one student and as students get older, they start having more than one teacher. 

So, having your name (and position) will help them keep everything straight. 

Also, by going out of your way to make this information readily accessible to them, you are starting your school year off on the right foot by opening the lines of communication with your students' parents! 

What Materials do you need to make a Meet the Teacher Magnet?

The supplies for this project are SUPER simple: 

  • digital contact card template
  • cardstock paper
  • access to a laminator
  • magnets

How to Make a Meet the Teacher Magnet

Meet the Teacher Magnet - Kristen Sullins Teaching

Step 1: Download and Update a Contact Magnet Template

Find and download a parent contact magnet template

Download the necessary fonts if needed (free on Teachers Pay Teachers) or you can use your own fonts.

Feel free to change the font colors to make it fit your personality!

(PS You can totally make your own, but there are so many templates out there that will save you TONS of time)

You can download a free template here:

Step 2: Print on Cardstock, Laminate and Cut

Print on colored paper if you want it to be colorful but want to save on ink!

Step 3: Attach a Magnet Strip to the Back

I like to buy the magnet strip packs at Walmart (I like the “Go Create” brand of self-adhesive magnets. You can can make an entire class set for less than $1).

What's Next?

All that's left to do now is to make sure parents get their Teacher Contact magnet! 

If you have any sort of folder at Meet the Teacher, it's super easy to just paper clip the magnet to the front or an inside pocket!

My best tip:

Make PLENTY of extra magnets! A lot of families are two parent households, so having extra magnets ( and extra information folders for that matter) shows parents that you are understanding of their situation and will get you started on the right foot!

Meet the Teacher Magnet - Kristen Sullins Teaching
Meet the Teacher Magnet - Kristen Sullins Teaching

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Free Meet the Teacher Magnets

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Kristen Sullins

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